Pressure switches and pressure transmitters

Swiss automatic provides : pressure switches, single pressure type pressure switches, dual pressure type pressure switches, differential type pressure switches and Mechanical Pressure Switch,  pressure transmitter.

Pressure switches and pressure transmitters There are 22 products.


  • Pressure Switch PF30

    PF30 switch is capable to sense tiny pressure change and widely used to control the flue of aerator, to monitor fan and air conditioner. It is also suitable for over heating protection and frost protection in industrial cooling system. Due to its outstanding design, the setpoint can be adjust visually.

  • Pressure controls

    PS series pressure control can protect compressors in refrigeration and air-condition plant, and keep them from over-low pressure or over-high suction pressure.
    PS series pressure controls can start and stop refrigeration compressors and fans of air condensers.
    PS series pressure controls can be used not only in fluoride refrigeration, but also in air and liquid.
    PS series pressure controls are fitted with a single pole double throw (SPDT) changeover switch. The position of the switch is determined by the pressure control setting and the pressure at the connector.
    Approvals: DnV,Det norske Veritas(Norway),CE (Europe).

  • Pressure transmitter

    The heart of P2000 pressure transducer is a highly reliable piezoresistive pressure sensor that is
    temperature compensated and laser trimmed for accurate span and offset calibration. The typical advantage is
    the compact size, which make it convenient to be installed in small room. Some typical applications for these
    pressure transducers are: Process control and automation, compressors and pumps, engine controls, off road
    vehicles to name few.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 22 items